Our mission is to promote innovative research, education, and public outreach on multidisciplinary approaches to food and foodways at the College of Arts & Sciences at Indiana University, in the local community, and beyond. The Institute focuses on faculty research and graduate training and on the development of undergraduate education and experiential learning opportunities through its incorporated IU Food Project. We are dedicated to addressing the pressing human and environmental challenges of providing both sustaining and sustainable food for a changing planet.

Do you research or work in food? Whether you consider yourself a Food Studies person, a food-lover, or simply food-curious, we want you to be a part of the Indiana University Food Institute!


  • A place to present work in progress, papers, and research findings
  • Travel funding for graduate students
  • Use of the IUFI kitchen and seminar room for food-related teaching and activities
  • Access to the extensive library of research and cuisine
  • A venue to publicize food related course offerings and events
  • Participation in conferences and workshops organized by the Institute


  • Regularly attend the IUFI Speaker Series
  • Participate in IUFI committees
  • Indicate affiliation with IUFI on CVs and websites

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