Fundamentals of Sustainable Agriculture

SPEA-E417/530 — Fall 2022

James Farmer
On campus and on IU Campus Farm and other farms
Days and Times
Wednesday evenings from 4:55-6:10 and Fridays from 8-12 (outside and on farms)
Course Description

This course will present the fundamentals of specialty crop and animal sustainable agriculture based on an agroecological framework. We will focus our attention on local and regional agriculture. Students will learn about and apply ecological, social, and economic concepts in evaluating for farm sustainability. The course includes both “in-class” and field lab experiences, with trips to nearby farms and visits with local agriculture professionals. Participation, observation, and thoughtful, open discussion will be essential to successful learning.


  • To learn about food systems
  • To dive deep into sustainable food production
  • To develop skills in research, planning, and analysis that bring together the human and ecological dimensions of food
  • To learn in a community via a deep, hands on experience

Counts towards the BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Certificate in Food Studies, the Food and Farming Sustainability Concentration in MPA-MSES dual degree in O'Neill and often substituted in for many programs across campus