Food Studies Classes

Undergraduate Classes

For a list of food related undergraduate classes, please take a look at the IU Food Project's page. The Food Project keeps up with the Certificate in Food Studies and clubs around campus who are interested in food issues. 

Past Classes In Food Studies

  • ANTH-A 200 Topics in Anthropology of Culture and Society- Bizarre Foods

  • ANTH-E 221 Anthropology of Food

  • ANTH-E 328 Ecological Anthropology

  • ANTH-E 421 Food and Culture ANTH-E 400 People and Plants: Ethnobotany

  • ANTH-E 426 Coffee, Culture, Production & Markets

  • ANTH-P 375 Food in the Ancient World

  • ANTH-P 380 Prehistoric Diet and Nutrition

  • BIOL-L 104 Introductory Biology Lectures- Biology of Food

  • BIOL-L 222 The City as Ecosystem

  • BIOL-L 350 Environmental Biology

  • CLLC-L 100 Collins Seminar- Edible Wild Plants

  • CMCL-C 433 Food Performance and Communication

  • COLL-C 103 Global Appetites, Local Tastes: Food in an Interconnected World

  • COLL-E 104 Chocolate: Food of the Gods

  • ECON-E 364 Environment and Resource Economics

  • FINA-U 201/301 Introduction to Landscape Architecture: Designing a Sustainable Edible Landscape of Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for the IUB Campus

  • FOLK-F 215 Health and Morbidity in Traditional Cultures

  • GEOG-G 208 Human Impact on the Environment

  • GEOG-G 306 The Geography of Current Issues- Geography of Food GEOG-G 478 Global Change, Food and Farming Systems

  • GEOG -G 411/511 Sustainable Development Systems

  • GEOG-G 449/549 Political Ecology

  • HIST-F 336 Modern Central American History

  • HIST-G 358 Early Modern Japan HON-H 241 Scientific Uncertainty and Discovery—Topic: Food for Thought- The Cognitive Science of Eating

  • HIST-J 300 Seminar in History- Spices and Drugs, 1400-1900

  • INTL-X370, Topics with Service Learning in International Studies, Topic: Food Security

  • POLS-Y 200 The Politics of What’s for Dinner POLS-Y 326 American Social Welfare Policy

  • POLS-Y 346 Politics in the Developing World

  • REL-D 250 Religion, Ecology and the Self

  • REL-D 430 Problems with Social Ethics

  • SOC-S 346 Topics in Cross-Cultural Sociology