Welcome to 2019 Spring Semester!

IUFI Calendar, Spring 2019

(Seminars held Fridays at 405 N. Park unless noted otherwise)

January 18 – IUFI Seminar: Elizabeth Grennan Browning, IU Environmental Resilience Institute’s Midwestern/ Indiana Community History Fellow and Adjunct Assistant Professor of History, “Chlorpyrifos and Environmental Exposure in the Midwest”, 11am
January 25 – IUFI Seminar/Book discussion: Eric Holt-Gimenez, A Foodie’s Guide to Capitalism, 11am
January 31, Thursday – Colleen Sen (with Dhar India Studies), "Medieval Indian Cookbooks: Between Tradition and Modernity", 5pm, GA1060
February 1 – IUFI Seminar: Kyle Billman, Gold Leaf Hydroponics, Bloomington, “The Importance of Growing Your Own Food & Eating Local in a Fast Changing Food Economy", 11am
February 8 – IUFI Seminar: Jordan Blekking, IU Geography, Doctoral Candidate, “Spatial Characteristics of Consumer Confidence and Food Security in Secondary Cities of Southern Africa”, 11am
February 15 – IUFI Seminar: Norman Su, IU Assistant Professor of Informatics, 11am
March 1 – IUFI Seminar: Christina Chung, IU Assistant Professor of Informatics, “When Personal Tracking Becomes Social: Supporting Healthy Eating Using Food Photos”, 11am
March 21-23, Thursday-Saturday
Critical Approaches to Superfoods Conference
March 27, Wednesday – Mathers Museum of World Cultures Brownbag Talk by James Farmer, IU Associate Professor of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, 12pm
March 29 – IUFI Seminar: Madeline Chera, IU Anthropology, Doctoral Candidate, Future Faculty Teaching Fellow at IU South Bend, 11am
April 12 – Food Summit, Neal Marshall Center, 11am-2pm
April 19 – IUFI Seminar: Sarah Weiner, Good Food Foundation, 11am
April 25, Thursday – Mathers Museum of World Cultures Talk, Jordan Blekking, “Maize is Life: A Staple in South Africa”, IU Geography, Doctoral Candidate, 4:30pm

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