Research & Outreach

Sustainable Food Systems Science at IU

This research initiative couples field, lab-based, and big-data research between IU’s accomplished food, nutrition, agro-ecological, decision sciences, and systems scholars to forge a networked effort in the study of Sustainable Food Systems Science (SFSS). Our integrated approach seeks to understand sustainable food system development, from farm to fork, by studying the leverage points that can be used to build more resilient and sustainable food systems that support food justice, public health and well-being, sustain more livelihoods, and improve civic and community life.

The SFSS team conducts food systems research on three core areas: production/supply, aggregation/processing/distribution, and access/consumption. Together, as scholars from fields as diverse as anthropology and cognitive science, as well as public health, history, and sociology, we work with and in communities in Brazil, Indiana, Italy, Laos, Madagascar, Norway, Taiwan, and Zambia to study sustainable food system development. Simultaneously, we provide translational expertise to assist Indiana communities with utilizing the information to support data-based decision making and their development of resilient food systems for their communities.