Urban Alternative Agriculture

GEOG-G 357 — Spring 2023

Student Building
Days and Times
TU 9:45-12:15
Course Description

As an alternative to the industrial food system and its detrimental effects, urban farmers contribute to the food supply in their cities and promote access to locally grown, nutritious and healthy food. Through discussions, lectures and service-learning activities, we will examine how urban farmers strengthen community resilience and encourage equitable food access. We will also address key limitations in the practice of UA and conflicts that arise among urban gardeners, city governments, and land developers.

Community Engagement

Urban Agriculture is based on the premise of learning by doing. There will field trips to farms and UA businesses. All field trips take place during regular class time.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand urban agriculture: why it occurs where it does; who practices it; and for what reasons
  2. Evaluate the possibilities and limits of urban agriculture and food system localization
  3. Explore a particular UA issue through research
  4. Refine skills for critical reading and thinking, team work, research, and writing
  5. Explore a variety of urban agriculture initiatives locally through field trips and guest-speakers